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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Unlike products such as appliances, paint, and flooring which are purchased by the piece or by the foot, cabinets must be part of an overall design. A professional design is crucial in achieving the best results for your new kitchen.

1) Know who you are working with.

I was visiting one of my manufactures when I notice a group of individuals from a major retail store. When I asked, "What are corporate suits doing here?", the manufaturer's rep told me they were in training to learn how cabinets are made and that there is a different group from the same store training every few months. Then he said, "Last week that person was a waiter". Imagine how catastrophic it could be to have a novice design your kitchen and the consequences that could occur from such a mistake. No wonder they have such high turn over at the box and discount stores. This leads us to the next important issue.

2) Not everyone is capable of designing a kitchen.

You would think that builders, contractors, architects, even cabinets suppliers would be proficient at designing kitchens. Unfortunately, they're not! 95% of what we do is remove what the so called "professionals" put in and improve the space by creating a proper layout and installing higher quality cabinets. Just because someone has a title or position does not mean that they are qualified to design a kitchen. Make sure you check their credentials and see their previous work.

3) Insist on the experience needed to obtain a stunning new kitchen.

I have over 45 years experience in the construction industry as well a visual merchandising experience with some of the finest national retailers including: Nieman Marcus, Hart Schaffner Marx, Gabbert's Furniture and Marshall Fields. My knowledge of how a home is built allows me to suggest structural changes that will improve the overall layout and design of your new kitchen. The best compliment I get is when someone sees the before and after pictures of one of my projects and says, "Wow! That's not the same home!"

Count on The Cabinet Firm to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Contact Michael Haley at 972-523-9200

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